Miss Miserlou - Prepping You for Surgery

You’re a bit nervous about your upcoming surgery, but Nurse Missy is here to get you ready! I’m friendly and sweet as I explain to you how I’m going to prep you for your surgery (implied circumcision, although it’s not explicitly mentioned), I’m going to clean you up, shave you, and make all the necessary markings. Don’t be shy dear, just relax and slide off those pants! As I’m working, I make passing remarks about the size of your penis. You know, it’s really no problem that it’s *that* small. As I’m going about my work, you realize that having a cute nurse handling your dick gets you really excited! You panic, and I notice just in time and tell you to ejaculate in my gloves. I’m reassuring as I clean you up and put on a new pair of gloves, and continue getting you ready. Oh wow, you’re already hard again!? You cum in my hands three times altogether and I’m friendly and reassuring each time it happens. Good luck with your surgery, and I’ll see you later for some aftercare!

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