Human snacks are the best. And when I buy them in a 6-piece snack pack, it's even better. Which one shall I start with?

Sydney is pretty excited, she bought a special snack pack from the store the other day and she's really hungry! It's time to dig into it. She opens up the lid to the tiny body, only to reveal 6 little shrunken people, all ready for her to devour! She can hardly wait!

She notices they're still alive - that's perfect, fresh snacks are the tastiest! She picks one of them up from the box with a little spoon. You can see from the shrunken person's POV as she slowly lifts you towards her mouth. She's practically salivating now. Are you ready to become her snack now little one? Before you can even answer, she thrusts you into her mouth.. Mmmmm!!.. that was really tasty and satisfying.

So who's next? One by one she picks up each of her little snacks and taunts them before shoving them into her wet hungry mouth, only to enjoy feeling them sliding down her throat. She describes how great it feels to feel them slide down and splash into her stomach. She can feel them fighting in there to get out but of course she knows there's no escape, they'll just be absorbed into her body like all the other human snacks!

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