Amara Noir - Sewer for Teacher

you're in your 5th consecutive detention. your teacher is so fed up with your immature behavior. All the other teachers have gone home for the eve and She knows that you cannot be trusted to be left alone. She decides to teach you the lesson of a lifetime. Behold your future- a toilet. At best, you can gain some blue collar skills and become a plumber. Even that takes some hard work and dedication. you're going to watch Teacher take a heavy load off, and she will leave you to smell it for 2 hrs. This, sadly, will also be the peak of your sexual experience w hot women. you'll never see a nude ass this fine again. While you're at it worship My filthy heels and gritty, grimy barefeet. Before long, your female peers will grow up and surpass you in leagues, professionally. Better get used to taking orders from them and shining their shoes. When Teacher finishes her bathroom business, she hands you her ruler and gives you an extra embarrassing task.

MP4 * 2.25 GB * 00:16:05 * 1920x1080

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