Sarah DiAvola - YBFC - Back to the Cabin 2

The famed "Your Best Friend's Cock" series never stops, and neither does your hidden hetero craving for cock, rumbling inside of you.

After you have been thoroughly enjoyed by your friend and his strange visitor, you are sent to crawl into the shower and wash the layers of cum off of your body. They want a clean slate, for their next masterpenis.

No sooner do you dry off than they eye their prize again. Their penises are dripping, engorged and hungry for FUCK.

In this secluded cabin, where you can howl and moan as loud as they make you, you 3 "heterosexual" and "bi-curious" men have a limited amount of time to let out all of your raw, natural primal urges. I'm sure you won't be getting much rest, because they've decided that you are the center of the cock sandwich, plastered together with white, creamy mayonnaise.

It's time to tie you to the bed now. Spread eagle, without the ability to close your legs or fight back. Their cocks are so engorged, you can practically hear them vibrating with sexual aggression.

What comes next is the pounding of a lifetime. Spit-roasted and stuffed from both ends as they use your body to masturbate. Using your holes to get themselves off. Laughing at the noises you make and how you wriggle and bounce as they fuck your brains out.

The specific positions they put you in, and how they hold your body steady to fuck you, are creative and powerful. Listen to me describe them for you, tapping into feelings and situations you hadn't even imagined before now. I will take your bisexual urges and push them all the way deep into your soul and body.

Exhausted, vibrating and dripping cum out of your orifices, you hear a woman's voice.

Oh my god, whose wife or girlfriend figured us out and came to catch us?? Why is there a woman here, in a male friend-fuck private retreat?

You can't see what's behind you, but you hear her speak and it's disturbingly erotic. She's turned on. Who is she and why is she here??

A few seconds later, you know. Deeply. Why she is here.

Now there are 3 cocks, to ravage your slutty little cum-hungry body.

What a mindfuck! 

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