ohhh, look what I have here today, a Grade A Loser. It's gonna be so fun to turn you into a Bimbo Slut like Me! I know all about pervs like you, fucking weirdos. You want to turn your whole body into a mindless slutdump...but now we're gonna take It One Step're not just gonna be a cumslut're gonna be a TOILET SLUT TOO! You wanna be full of toilet jizz! You're gonna be a filthy dick-and-dump piggy bitch. We're gonna clog you up with Sewer Stench and Plug You Up With Dick! Here, let me Smear You in My Ass and Knock A Few Brain Cells Outta You...It's Gonna be So Much Easier Now To Train Your Brain to Behave Properly...Get Ready to Serve With All Your Holes, Mindless Bimbo Toilet Bitch!

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