Goddess Harley - Don't Try To Run

Why hello. I realize you don't know me but since you came to this Fetish party I assume you would love a chance to talk with a beautiful woman like me. Is this your first time in this country? Does anyone know your here? Well I'm into some really sadistic play and I've chosen you to be my victim. I'm gonna hurt you and humiliate you just to see how far I can degrade a human being. Oh don't try to run, I'm rich and I own the police in this country. My Guards are at the door. You would only have to make me skip to the most painful part of all this way ahead of schedule.

First I'm gonna break your will. I'm gonna make you beg for my spit and be my personal abused servant. Then it's gonna slowly descend into ball busting and castration as I get bored with you. Soon you'll be my castrated whipping boy. I literally have a basement where you will be eventually chained and whipped until the end of your life comes. You'll be surviving on bread and water and be so mind fucked that you will beg me to step on the bread before l let you lick it off my boots.

You'll thank me for ending your life this way. You will finally be free to be the pitiful servant that society wouldn't let you be. The outside world would have never accepted the fact that you could get this extreme domination. I'm gonna kick your balls so often and so hard that you will beg me to cut them off you. Weeks will go by and they will be as big as oranges but I won't cut them off. I'll be using you for entertainment at my fetish parties. You will have the honor of being a human kick bag for the wealthiest families in my country. And then after months of kicking and whipping you, I will grow tired of your cries and send you to the basement to live out your final days.

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