Cali Logan - Detention

Sadie Holmes is the teacher running detention today... great... she’s a total bitch. She jabs at the class for all the detention slips: fighting, tardy, skipping class, and PRANKS! Ridiculous! As she gives her lecture to all the bad apples, but YOU pull out a device... a remote... that pulls PRANKS! You push the button, and Sadie’s shoes tie together! Oh, you jokester you! As she yells all of her rules to the class, she stands, and her tied shoes make her topple to the floor!! How embarrassing!! Sadie knows one of you little brats did it, but you all just snicker at her as she unties her shoes. You push the button of your remote again, and it makes Miss Holmes FART! Oh my god! She brushes that one off, but as she sits at her desk, somehow her blouse opens... and underneath shows her crop top! She stands and gets mad at the class for laughing, but doesn’t even notice that her blouse is open!! After a long while, she notices her incredibly mortifying experience... but it actually gets worse with the next prank.. Sadie stands up, and her pants are ALL THE WAY DOWN! She trips from her desk and shows of her cartoon panties to the whole class! She’s so embarrassed, but the pranks just keep on coming! Her blouse opens again, then her purse spills out all of the floor... then as she scoops it all up, her pants split!! A HUGE hole covers the entire seat of her pants showing off her cartoon panties to everyone! She does everything she can to hide her panties, but resorts to intimidation! What a terrible day of detention! This clip runs 15.5 minutes long and includes embarrassed naked female, ENF, clothes destruction, teacher roleplay, humiliation, and embarrassment.

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