Maya Aryas - Mayas Personal Wallet

Lines/actions- ( u walk n bouncing ur ass) well well seems I found something worth my time, a nice little subby with a nice cock and wallet for me to fuck around with, good I was getting tired of all these skinny dicks and their equally pathetic wallets. ( U flaunt ur body dancing as u talk) I mean these huge bouncy tits, juicy soft lips and big boss booty they don't do tiny(u grab dildo n put between legs) so nice of u to deliver all u have to me n make my life so much more pleasurable ( u slide dildo back n forth between thighs) u like my thighs dildo? U heard me from now on ur my new dildo congrats.( U turn around n show ass still sliding dildo) hmm I think I'll have a seat ( u sit on dildo then bonce and rub it under ur ass) nice n comfy.Im liking so far I'm liking my new wallet dick ( u get up n twerk bit) alright teasings over, time u do what u were made for n please my needs( u rub pussy on dildo) I'm gonna wring u out like a rag ( u ride dildo) ohhh now this is what good Rick does it gives me what I want, keep it up n I'll make this regular thing wallet by day personal pussy pleaser by night getting fucked either way. Deeper bitch deeper n don't u fucking cum my needs 1st then maybe u when I feel like it. (After done) mm nice I guess I'll let u cum today not n me though spread that jelly thick cum on this Jell-O booty.Im sure you'll b doing much 2 impress me now that ur properly pussy whipped( vid ends with u laughing n rubbin ass on cam)

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