Elis Euryale - This can't be a penis?! - SPH

Dr. Euryale received your referral letter and she is ready to diagnose your medical issue, related to your penis. Lying down on her medical bed, you let her take off your pants in order to have a look at your organ. You didn't expect her to laugh at you right away: "Oh, I see: it is underdeveloped!" she says, and she still can't contain her laugh. You had no idea it was that serious. Pointing at your scrotum, she explains to you that your testicles haven't properly dropped and your penis never reached the normal size. You feel so ashamed of the circumstances, being mocked by a beautiful young doctor, that you are now shaking... You feel the sweat dripping along your body, moistening the bed, but you can't calm down... Dr. Euryale is still very entertained by this new study case, so much that she decides to measure your penis, and in order to compare the size - soft and hard, she takes off her clothes... You don't want her to see that there is not much of a difference, but it's too late, she is already smiling at you in her white bra, white garter belt, and white stockings... As you would like to disappear from the face of the earth, she finally proposes a solution: you should get rid of this anomaly: she can perform a penectomy or an orchidectomy, or both. You would like to process this information that you didn't expect to hear today, but she is already tying you uptight with a few medical straps, and pressing an anesthesia face mask on you. "You'll be a new man soon..."

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