Mistress Ezada - The 4 Step CBT Gametask 1

I feel abundantly sexy in My new latex cat suit; you've been pampering Me very well lately. I'm sure you appreciate how I look in it. I know you're getting hard now just from thinking of Me taking total control over your cock and balls. So I'm going to play a little game with you, consisting of four different tasks, each more difficult than the last. If you manage to please Me and pass most of My little agonizing tests, there just might be a nice reward for you at the end of this ordeal. Each task will cause pain in your cock and balls, so the game will always be enjoyable for Me. Each task will end in a ruined orgasm, so no pleasure for you. My instructions must be followed to the letter and there is no excuse for not doing so. I know you're aroused right now with blue balls, electrified cock, and pent-up desire. I know what it takes to you even more, so let's begin. This first task requires nothing else but common household objects. You will get hard, you will edge, you will not cum until I tell you to ruin your orgasm and pleasure. May the nightmare of task one come alive!

you will have a week to attempt this task before I give you the next one.

This is a custom clip (with no name mentioned).

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