Cali Logan - In the Tickle Box

Cali Logan made you and your girlfriend something special... a box. You both look up at her from inside the box, and she seductively waves her foot in your face to tease you two. Rule number one in the tickle box: Cali is in control, for the entire tickling session! Rule number two: Cali can do whatever she wants! She’s so excited to see the both of you squirming! Cali continues to wave both feet in your face as she giggles about how much anticipation you’ll feel when Cali tickles your girlfriend! Having someone next to you, in laughing anguish, will enhance your tickle experience and anticipation torment. You’ll first sympathize with your girlfriend, then feel that anticipation knowing what’s coming, and finally it’s your turn for hilarious torment. Cali continues to cross her feet in front of your face, and then reminds you that if you struggle too much in your tickle box, she can tie your toes up and back so she can tickle your exposed sole! Cali flexes back her foot and pretends to softly tickle away on her own foot! The anticipation grows aa she tickles her own foot. You look to your girlfriend thinking she might be able to help you both, but you’re wrong. Plus, Cali knows that you’ll both love this foot tickling experience, and will come back for more the moment she’s done. Begging for more. You’ll say, “Please Cali, put me back in the box again. Tickle my soles again.” You’ll be addicted to the tickle box... and the sight of Cali’s beautiful feet from every angle as she takes full advantage of you!

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