British Bratz - Reducated F 0 R C 3ed Bi

It's time you were re-educated. The reason you are so miserable is that you have spent your life denying yourself. You have tried to conform with everyone else and tried to 'chase the girls' like every other guy. But its left you completely unsatisfied. That's why every time you're home alone, you pull down your trousers and jerk off to my clips. But its time you took the next step... Its time you were re-educated.

I am going to re-train your brain. I am going to eradicate all past thoughts and memories from your mind and re-implant it with new desires. You are going to crave cock. You are going to fantasise about being on your knees with a big dick between your lips. You are going to fantasise about being dressed up as a slut and being made to bent over like a whore.

I will not need to Encouraged you to do these depraved things, you will be straining at the leash...

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