Goddess Jessi Belle - Loser Gene Pool

You are so boring and dull. You are such a pathetic loser with no friends, no girlfriend, not even relations that love you. You exist to make the rest of us to feel better about our lives. You are all alone because you are such a loser. It isn't surprising that you are sad and depressed. Look at yourself! If I were you I would feel the same way too.

You sit at home all alone in the dark jerking off to these mean words and only being able to cum when women that are better than you humiliate you. But it's okay! You were bred to be this way - a sad sorry excuse for a loser man. You didn't choose this! You didn't choose to be a little dick, sad depressed loser. It got worse with every generation, that's why you are such a loser now. You did make it worse fore yourself though, you became addicted to these videos.

Do yourself a favor and don't continue this loser gene on. It will only get worse, you can let it end with you! You can help the world and make it a better place by not procreating, not spreading more of that loser seed around. You should be all alone, never feeling happy, just jerking off in the dark because it is what you deserve.

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