Enjoy being my next poor little victim Hansel, only in this version you turn out to be a little bit "different"...
You show up at the evil witches house and she opens the door, surprised to see someone would be at her door so deep in the woods. She's caught off guard as you ask if she's the same witch that eats Nome boys.. as it turns out she is. You confess you actually want to be eaten.. at first she's shocked but then delighted, you do look like a delicious snack. Why don't you step into her lair?

Now that you're down in her lair, she explains how there's no escape for you. She's still surprised you would do this voluntarily so you had better be certain because there's no turning back, you WILL be eaten now. Of course she's going to keep you in a cage and fatten you up first. But you knew that would happen.. you're doomed now and you wanted this, what a strange Nome boy you are! Oh well, she's ready to begin preparing you for her meal

Not only that, you have a request for her.. what's that? You want to be eaten alive? Wow, she's taken aback but absolutely thrilled! She knows how much better little Nome boys taste if their alive! This will be a big treat for her and enthusiastically agrees to your request. Maybe you should also get a good close up look at her mouth. She gives you a nice quick closeup of her mouth, the same mouth that will be eating you! For now, she puts you to bed to think about your fate overnight.

The next morning she wakes you up and orders you to take a bath. This is a special bath that not only heals you up but tenderizes you and makes you taste better. Afer your bath it's time to lay you on some bread, you see she's going to eat you as a sandwich for her lunch! She slowly lays you between two pieces of bread, describing how great it will be to eat you the whole time. Finally the moment has come, and she slowly takes her first mouthful. Mmmm you certainly are delicious little boy, and you're not even moving or trying to escape!

Watch as the evil witch Sydney thoroughly enjoys you, her tiny Nome boy meal, loving how much better you taste alive and how you volunteered for this! Slowly but surely she eats all of you, savoring every single taste. What a wonderful surpise and perfect meal and nobody will even know what happen to you! The cruel Sydney always wins!

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