Jasmine Marie - Stupid Tied Up Sissy

Was that you that stupid enough to think I actually liked you. How could I possibly be into someone who I make dress up in ridiculous sissy outfits. I mean look at you all dressed up in you bra and panties, you cant even see that ‘thing’ and what did you think you was going to meet me at this hotel for a night of passion? oh I have other plans for you.

Now I have you tied up, there’s no way out. Im going to put this bright red slutty lipstick on you and I have a guy coming over soon. He isn’t the passionate kind, he just wants a nice virgin ass hole and I’m renting yours out to him. I mean you’re broke, you’re ugly and your tied up in this hotel room wearing frilly panties. How could you think I would want anything to do with you! I just want to see you humiliated, I want to make money off your ass and every single thrust into your tight, virgin ass will strip you of any dignity. You never know, you could really enjoy this experience and go over to the sissy fag side. Enjoy!!

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