Olivia Rose - Interview Indigestion

I recently had an interview for a company to do their social media marketing. It didn't go as planned. I had eaten some food that did not agree with me at all. I tried to hold it together, but the farts just slipped out at first. I apologized profusely, but my stomach was so upset it got to the point I couldn't hold back anymore and just let those farts rip!

It was truly embarrassing, being that gassy with an upset stomach, and trying to keep it together to get through the interview. My flatulence was so intense though, and I think I blew the interviewer away! I couldn't help it! By the end I was so desperate I just ran out of the room. 

Who knows, maybe I will still get the job. For now, I will try not to fart in the 2nd interview, if I get one.

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