Kelly Sunshine - Sissy Trance

Hey sissy, like My outfit? Of course you do. I know all your weaknesses and exactly how to expl0it them. I'm going to hypn.0tize you, and you'll have no choice but to do exactly as I say. You need to be a GOOD GIRL. Obey and surrender to My spell. Stare at My shiny pink dress and let Me mesmerize you. Get weak and give in to all the triggers I am implanting. You are so turned on by the cutesy humiliating names I call your little dickie as I shrink it into a tiny sissy clitty. I find great amusement teasing you with humiliating subliminal commands. Under My control, I'll cause you to embarrassingly dribble a little bit of cum, but ONLY allow you a full orgasm once I'm done playing with you!

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