Goddess Gynarchy - Executrix - Whipped and Hung

POV. After being whipped within an inch of his life, slave is surprised to find himself alive at the booted feet of Mistress Serena. He thought his ticket was stamped with the last few lashings of his whip, and yet he survived. Mistress Serena is impressed with his endurance, and has decided to give him one last test before she disposes of him. He is handcuffed and set standing atop a rickety, unstable stool with a rope around his neck. He must remain as still as possible whilst Mistress Serena lunches - she would be very disappointed to have the joy of his dispatchment taken away from her. When she returns, he is still standing, though a little purple... Thrilled with the slave's desire to stay alive, Mistress Serena enjoys kicking the stool away that much more...

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