Candy Glitter - Youre A Findom Fuckup

You are a findom fuckup! I know that you've spent so much money on hot bratty girls who would never pay attention to you otherwise. And that's why you spend, because you know it's the only way to get my attention. And I don't care about you unless you're spending. And you've spent so much of your cash on findom, haven't you? You spend more than you should and it keeps adding up, yet you still can't quit. Nothing else gives you this kind of a rush, nothing else makes you cum this fucking hard.
I love draining pathetic little losers like you until you have nothing left. And I really don't care if I bankrupt you. Most guys could control their spending, but you don't want to control your spending. Because the more you spend the harder your stupid dick gets. Your cock gets so fucking hard when you spend. And it turns you on when I laugh at you and flip you off every time you hit send. You love hearing when I call you a stupid fucked up pay pig, it makes you want to send even more. 
All you know how to do is to jerk and pay, you're a complete fuck up. You'd probably get so hard if I showed you how much you spent on findom. You'd probably jerk to it as I laughed at you called you a fuck up and stupid findom addict because that's what you are. You're a stroke addicted loser who can't stop humping his hand and spending. Humping your hand gives you the impulse to send and spend. 
You love hearing me call you a findom fuck up loser over and over again. Spend for me, spend for my hot bratty ass. I know you can't stop yourself. I'm a greedy brat and I exploit findom fuck ups like you. I take your fucking money and I'll never stop. And neither will you because you need to spend more and more to get that rush you so desperately crave. It feels good to be a findom fuckup, doesn't it? It feels good to be a loser who's only purpose is jerking and sending until he's fucking ruined.
I'm conditioning you to be a little findom fuckup. There's no going back now. This is your purpose. This is all that you're good for, your wallet. You are literally a human atm. You're going to completely ruin yourself aren't you, you little fuckup? You're so stupid, this addiction is going to ruin you and even just hearing those words turns you on, that's how I know you're fucked. You're a findom fuckup and it makes you hard to hear me say it. And you need me because you're a little mindless jerk junkie who can't think for himself. You need a hot brat like me to take it all from you. You're going to beg me to manipulate you even further and take your cash. 

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