Goddess Paige - Financial Fuckery For Helpless Findom Addicts

Goddess Paige - Financial Fuckery For Helpless Findom Addicts
You think you’re a man? You poor delusional creature. You’re not a man, especially not in my eyes. You are nothing but a wallet. You are nothing but a human atm for me to use and then discard. You know that the only way a girl like me is every going to notice you, is if you pay. And I don’t mean handing over paltry little sums. You’ll only be noticed if you make it count. If you reach deep into your wallet and give me what I deserve.
I’m better than you in every way, I’m young, beautiful and merciless. And because of that, I get what I want. Especially from pathetic little losers like you. You’re just so grateful to be a part of my word, to worship me, that you will sacrifice for me. You can’t help yourself, can you? Your cock just takes over and your desire consumes you, and you turn into putty in my hands. I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger. And I am going to use you, I’m going to drain you dry. And do you know why? Because it’s amusing, because I deserve it.
The only way to be noticed is to accept your fate. You were destined to be a human wallet. I push the button and you give me what I want. It’s that easy. Your cash is all I want. I couldn’t care less about you. I couldn’t care less about what your boner wants, or how many times you’ve jerked for me. The only thing I care about is how much you sacrifice for me. You can’t help it, idiots like you are all the same, so easy to manipulate.
And the funny thing is that you know that I’m manipulating you, yet you still give me what I want. You know that I’m using you and you’re so fucking grateful for the chance. How sad is that? It’s so pathetic. It’s pathetic that you think I would remember you or even want to know your name. You’re just loser number 563. You are insignificant. You know that I don’t care and that turns you on even more. You still come to me with your wallet open.
The truth is that you’re helpless, a helpless findom addict. You were made to be used. You are my wallet, existing to pay, and you’re so pathetic that you’re grateful at the opportunity to pay. You are nothing but my little drone. You hurt yourself financially for me, but it’s not really for me is it? You do it because it makes your cock throb. I don’t care about losers, they’re invisible to me until they pay. And you don’t want to be invisible, do you? I’m going to take it all, everything you have, and you’re going to thank me.

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