Natasha's Bedroom - Breaking In Your Holes

I just love how my new purple strap-on feels in my hands, not to mention how sexy I look wearing a big cock. It makes you crazy when I tease with my big dick, showing it off from different angles and telling you just how I'll use it. The contrast of my soft, feminine figure and my big, powerful cock is undeniably irresistible.

If it feels this good to stare and drool, imagine what it'll be like as I drive my strap-on into your holes. Trying to take every inch of my cock as it pushed mercilessly down your throat, dropping down to your hands and knees as you eagerly spread those butt cheeks, getting fucked so hard in the ass that you can still feel me days after. Fucked, pegged, pounded by my cock, and still begging for more.

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