Princess Rene - Turning Straight Men Into Faggots

Hey fag. But wait, you’re not gay. You were So straight before we met. I know you find me beautiful. You’re not gay, right? At least you weren’t until you fell down the slippery slope of femdom and humiliation. What have I turned you into? A little cock loving fag? LOL! I think I’ve completely fucked up your mind.
If you weren’t such a loser and you hadn’t found yourself lost in this world, you probably wouldn’t be so fucked up right now. You probably wouldn’t be fantasizing about cocks. But now you love it. Do you hate that you love it or are you so into it that you love it? You love fantasizing about big, fat cocks in your face. Sucking them for me. Look how turned on you’re getting as I talk to you about it, as I talk to you about sticking a big cock in your face. As I tell you I’m going to force you to service a cock for me.
You’ve fallen so deep to the depths of depravity, that you’ll do anything to humiliate yourself, anything for that tinge of humiliation. And what’s the most humiliating thing that a male could ever do? Sucking dick! That’s as low as you could go. Gagging on a big cock for me. How pathetic would you feel? Imagine how pathetic you’d feel as he shoots his load on your face. Is this turning you on? Have I turned you into a faggot? You little humiliation junkie. You need it so bad. You crave it.
And deep down you’re so confused. You think, “I’m not gay, but I am gay for you Princess Rene.” You crave my humiliation so badly that the thought of taking a big cock for me just sends you over the edge. You’re so horny, every word coming out of my mouth is true. You need to be humiliated by me so badly that you would take a cock down your throat, just to please me, just to sink to new lows. Take a dick for me you fucking faggot. I know that makes you twitch. You weren’t born gay. I did this to you. I’ve turned you into a cock craving bi/gay slut.
You’re such a loser that not only do you serve dominant, bratty bitches like me, but you’ll also take cocks for me. You are the lowest of the low. You’ll suck it and pay me just to please me. Look what I’ve turned you into. You need this. There’s no going back now. You’ll never be able to stop.

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