Princess Ivory - Smelly Sock Cuck Training

Ivory and her boyfriend have decided you can start training to be his foot bitch now. For practice, you will use Goddess ivorys feet and her boyfriends socks right next to them. All you will see from now on is smelly gym socks. You need to impress Ivorys boyfriend when you worship his feet. Do not be a pathetic groveling idiot. Sit on your knees at his feet and shut up like a good cuck. He will put his unwashed feet in your ugly face and let you sniff them, learning his superior scent. You will smell and lick them clean after their workouts. You will keep your masters feet clean. It is your purpose now. Being cucked by their alpha soles completes you. Once you are trained, you will no longer worship Ivorys feet unless they are covered in mud. You will become HIS foot slave, at Goddess Ivorys command. You need to be around a real man to learn a thing or two foot bitch.

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