Asher Eden - Gf Turned Bimbo Pantyhose Cuck Tease

Your girlfriend was normal... until her friend dragged her to a frat party. She didn't even want to go, she thought the girls that went to those were airheads, but she didn't want her friend to go alone. She promises she'll talk to you after the party.

At the party she's given virgin punch... except slipped in it was a magic ingredient that turned her into a vain bimbo. She quickly starts using bimbo mannerisms without noticing and before she knows it she's flirting with some guy and getting a makeover from her new friends.

When you finally see her, it's way later than you had thought. She's dressed up in a slutty outfit and is acting... different. Now all she cares about is shopping and getting fucked. She thinks that you're boring and scrawny... but since you like her new look and slightly bitchy demeanor so much she teases you with her pantyhose covered feet. You can even see her painted toes!

She talks you into sending her money so she can buy more slutty clothes, and you send your savings... only to find out that she wasn't so innocent at the party. She got guy's numbers, flashed her tits, and let random muscular guys do body shots off of her. She doesn't want to date YOU anymore. In fact, she got a bunch of numbers and will be going out with them soon.

She suggests that you can probably be friends, especially since she'll need more money for clothes soon.

(Originally a custom, includes POV as boyfriend before and after party and frat guy during, shows feet/toes in pantyhose, heels, mentions cheating, and contains a valley girl accent, no nudity)

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