Princess Miki - Worship An Alpha Couple, Doomed Cuck

You used to spend your whole life wanting women like Me. Beautiful women that just wouldn’t pay attention to you. You were jealous of the guys that had us on their arms. But then, you stopped wanting it. It hurts too badly knowing you’re useless to us. Comparing yourself to these men was just counterproductive, knowing you’ll never be them.
You tried to understand your shortcomings why you just couldn’t fulfill their roles. But it was hopeless, wasn’t it? You could never be them, and deep down, you knew that. So then, you started worshipping the men you could never be. They were gods gods that could make the goddesses you worshipped happy. It felt better than to wallow in self pity.
You want to worship Me. But you also want to worship My man. You want to worship both of us, as your Alpha couple, because that’s your place in life. Because you are completely useless as a lover, you will give up pussy for us, you will lock yourself up for us, and you will serve us.
At least, that is what you want to do. If you’re lucky, you’ll be under consideration. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to eat his precious cum out of My pussy. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to change our sheets for us, so we’ll have a comfortable place to **** and fuck. You might be able to pay to be our good boy, our cuckold. Because you’re doomed to being a cuck under your pathetic little situation, the way you were born.
You’re more useful as a cuck than a lover. That’s why you will worship both of us.

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