Xanas Foot Fantasies - Foot Party Privileges

You have to consider yourself very lucky today. To begin with, you have made it to one of Xana's famous and popular foot fetish parties, organized and hosted by herself. But your luck does not stop here. In addition, to being on the foot slave guest list of the party, you have also been selected to show off your foot slave skills. You have to show what you are made of and put your tongue and mouth to use under the soles, heels and in between the toes of Xana and two of her hottest foot models  - Kaelyn and Skie. That would take some work as you would need to please the large feet of Xana's girls while pleasing the dominant and demanding feet of Xana herself. You would be commanded and given instruction from all three of them and you would need to make sure that you do not miss a single foot worship request and address and satisfy each and every foot fantasy desire of the three ladies. Of course, it all starts with you cleaning their shoes and high-heels with your mouth. So, get to work, a lot of foot worship effort awaits ahead!

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