Madame Rose - Life Beneath Sexy Soles

This is what you can expect your life as my personal foot addict to look like. Yes, you will often be ignored. You’ll have to get used to long periods of time spent beneath my wrinkled soles without me even noticing you exist. My time is precious and I’m very busy. I know you crave my feet, and you can worship them as much as you want, in between being totally ignored. Obviously you get hard for my weekly fresh pedicures from my expansive nail polish collection, so you’ll need to become accustomed to watching each and every pedicure you crave so dearly. You’ll have an intimate view of my feet, practically touching your face. Your use to me is best spent on your knees, maintaining my beautifully pedicure toes and soft, wrinkled soles. When my pedicure is dry, you can jerk your cock to the pointed toes and bare soles you need to cum. It takes at least 10 minutes for the top coat to dry. Can you handle such devoted, adoring foot worship for that long? Your cock will be aching for release from your fetishes when I give you permission to start jerking for my feet on your face.

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