Miss Untamed - Armpit Prisoner

Gist: You are a Russian thief who has captured me, you've worked up a sweat in the process and force me to lick your armpits for your pleasure. Occasionally you lick your own armpits too. Last few seconds of this scene our location is "attacked and you are knocked out (by a not shown force) you are then shown with your arms tight clear above your head armpits glistening as you are tied up and captured.

Scene 2
Gist: The red singlet and hat from the first part are on the ground and you enter as a secret agent who broke in to save me from the thief and now you say you've made her your slave too. You say something along the lines of "She's my prisoner now and she'll be worshiping MY armpits...and so will you!" And then do some more 1st person armpit worship for the clip.

MP4 * 470 MB * 00:14:48 * 1280x720

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