Goddess Chloe - Tiny Dick Cuckolds Have No Worth Whatsoever

I know you try to hide it from most people but all I have to do to figure out your dirty secret is to say one word. Do you want me to say it? Cuckold. And I got the response I knew I was going to get. Your cock throbbed didn’t it? That’s because you are one. You got hard so quick and easy just from hearing me utter the word, cuckold. You’re not a man, you’re a cuckold. Men aren’t cuckolds, men don’t get turned on by other men fucking their women, only cuckolds do. A real man actually wants to fuck me, you just want to watch and jerk as a real man with a huge cock fucks me hard. 

You are a pathetic little cuck boy, just sitting there jerking off picturing me being fucked by a nice, big cock. You just love stroking your little dick knowing you’ll never have the chance to fuck a girl like me. And the fucked up thing is that you don’t even want to fuck me. But that’s good because you’d never have the chance. Imagine being able to watch me get fucked. I look so hot when I’m getting fucked. You want to jerk to that so badly, don’t you cucky? 

You’d probably beg me to get fucked by a big cock, just so you could stroke your little cock over and over again. Watching another man make me moan and scream gets you off, doesn’t it? The thought of watching me suck on another man’s cock just makes you throb. You’re so pathetic. You’re not a real man, you’re just a little cuck with a tiny dick. I need a real cock, not a pathetic little penis like yours. I would never fuck you. You’re just a cuckold, and every time I say that word you get harder and harder and you jerk faster and faster. 
I know your little penis is throbbing in your hand right now, isn’t it cuckold? I’m going out with a real man tonight and I’m going to fuck him so hard, and you’re going to sit at home and jerk off to the thought as you watch this video. The thought of being a cuckold is the only thing that gets you off. You couldn’t even get hard if you tried to picture yourself fucking me. No, that doesn’t do it for cuckolds like you. You’d rather fuck your hand than a pussy, you’d rather fuck your hand and have another man fuck your girl’s pussy. That’s because you’re a cuckold. The only reason you exist is for you to take advantage of you and take all of your money. And that gets you off doesn’t it? Knowing that you have no worth whatsoever. All you can do is jerk your little cock to the thought of another man fucking the girl you want so badly. You are so pathetic. You’re so fucking stupid, you little dumb cuckold. I have you wrapped around my little finger cucky. Nothing else makes you cum this hard, does it?

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