Bratty Bunny - Seeing Dr Bunny in Chastity Part 3

On your knees. Remember where you belong in my office. You have come back again for another 'therapeutic' session. It's a bit odd what I do, but it works. You need to be trained. Need to be locked up, but only allowing Dr. Bunny control your orgasms. Go ahead and take off your chastity device. I'll allow you to masturbate and orgasm for me. Dr. Bunny knows best. I'll give a few choices in today's session as well. You need to feel vulnerable and weak to feel open and get better. I'm going to be using more of a foot treatment today. You are going to lick up the dust from my feet. Focus on my toes and follow everything Dr. Bunny says. I'll let you edge and control that orgasm. I have a little extra for the end of today's session. I'm going to give you a choice for the end of our session. Will you be a good boy and lick it up? You are going to clean it up for me so I can put my shoes back on. See you next time.

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