Marceline Leigh - So You Want To Be A Sissy

So, you want to be a sissy. Well, you've come to the right person, because I can definitely help you out with your dream of being a sissy.

To be the perfect sissy, there's some steps that you must first take. The first step, we need to give you a perfect sissy look. We will do your makeup, using lots of glitter and bold colors. Then, we will put on a cute wig and then finally some pretty pink lingerie. Our goal is to have you looking as girly, feminine and pretty as possible. And with my help, you will definitely achieve that look.

After your look is completed and you have modeled it off for me, your next big step will be to learn how to take cock. You will be taking cock, my strap-on, if your mouth. Then, you will be taking it in your ass. And if I deem that you're a good enough sissy, I'll even let you cum. Because I like to reward those who do a good job.

Those are the steps you must do to be the perfect sissy. And I believe in you. I believe that you will be the best sissy that you can possibly be.

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