Miss Jade - Executrix Ass Worship

Custom Resell Starts with you opening a door and letting me in. Please come in and make yourself at home." Right now you are dressed in casual clothes. You then inform me that you are aware that I have a crush on you and that maybe the time has come for something to be done about it. All of a sudden my vision goes fuzzy you notice this and ask, "what's wrong?" I then pass out on the floor and the camera fades to black. I awake with you standing over me, you have a robe on, underneath the robe you are dressed in skin tight black latex complete with matching thigh high boots. You smile and inform me that I am paralyzed completely. You turn around so I can see your ass. You then reveal that you always knew I had a crush on you but I could never take a hint that nothing would ever happen. You say you always saw me looking at your ass. You then drop to your knees and put me in a reverse scissor hold, you squeeze your legs around my neck. You moan with enjoyment, laughing and smiling. You twist your hips snapping my neck, please add a sound effect. "goodbye, sweet dreams." The camera fades to black

MP4 * 386 MB * 00:12:49 * 1920x1080

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