Domme Kyaa - Never cum again

This new toy is going to keep your horny little clitty safely locked away. With your cock trapped in a cage you will be able to focus entirely on my pleasure instead of your own. No longer will you greedily rub yourself, squirting your mess whenever you want. Instead you will be kept in a perpetual state of arousal and submission. While your clitty and cum-filled balls throb your desire to serve me will grow. Once the lock goes on you won’t be let out, though. I’m not keeping you locked up for days, weeks or for months even. I am locking you up for the rest of your life. No more cummies for you, my bitch. Now that I have you locked in my chastity device you will never cum again!

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Domme Kyaa - Never cum again 10% more days with any membership
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