Hypnodomina - Seduced Pet Trigger (Hypnosis)

The more you listen to me, watch me, the more you want to listen to and watch me and the more suggestible you are to me. My voice is taking over your mind, I'm taking real instate, owning every part of your mind until you become my posession, something, something I can call mine. My voice is collaring you which ileach video, audio. And you watched so much of (my) trance videos that you are now a well trained puppy reacting to all my commands even the non verbal ones. In this trance video, you will focus on a pet collar and feel my control around your neck.You will also be subjugated to a new trigger (I love triggers, don't you ?) that will make you feel my control even more. You love to feel like a toy, like a mindless puppet and you will love to feel like a really obedient puppy even more

MP4 * 580 MB * 00:13:12 * 1920x1080

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