Goddess Jessi Belle - Dick Sucking Lips Redux

You need some dick sucking lips, the kind of lips that any man would look at and think that they want those wrapped around their big dick. You will need some pretty pink lipstick and lip gloss. I want you to be dripping with gloss and spit so it makes sucking dick so much smoother. I want to see a ring around that cock. You need to be good at sucking cock AND applying lipstick. You need to have great technique because I believe if you are going to do something then you had better do it right. Practice makes perfect. As you suck dick and your lip gloss/stick starts to smear you can wipe it off and start over again. I want you to have a pouty perfect mouth that is ready to accept a dick. You're going to have a pretty little mouth, not a slutty one that's got make up everywhere. You will follow my assignment so you can learn to apply lip product and suck dick in all of the right ways, like I said, practice makes perfect!

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