Fetish Cartel - Macy Nikole Cheerleader Bully Pov Ball Busting

Head Cheerleader, Macy Nikole has invite you, school nerd, captain of the chess club, over to her house. She is acting really nice and she knows you watch her from the bleachers during games. She does a little spin for you and then she tells you to start taking off clothes. She gets you naked and she has a little surprise for you. She tells you to close your eyes. Are you finally going to get a girl to pleasure you? To lose your virginity to the head cheerleader?? Nope. She kicks you in the balls. She brought you over for a good laugh. To humiliate and bully you. She kicks you over and over. You're in so much pain. She reaches down with her hands to sooth your balls. It feels so good. But it's just a trick and she punches you in the nuts and laughs. She punches you some more and then grabs them and squeezes them real hard. She laughs at your nerdy pain. It amuses her so much. She does a combination multi kick and multi punch on your stupid balls. Macy just loves to and humiliate nerds.

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