Jessie Boulevard – Your Wife Will Suck Off Businessmen

Do you want to explain the situation to your wife or shall I? Are you going to tell her she’s been sold into a life of whoring or do you think it would be better coming from me huh? It makes no difference to me – it doesn’t change the fact that your pretty, innocent little princess is going to be sucking off businessmen for cash tomorrow. Are you imagining it loser? Can you picture her on her knees in her finest lingerie set with a collar around her neck and the leash in the hand of some stranger in a suit? She’s going to be led around like a slave and made to pleasure men – lots and lots of men! She’s never going to be the same again – you’ll never be able to look at her the way you used to once dozens of men have paid to choke her with their cocks. Your wife may well be a smart, successful career girl but once she’s been turned over to me, she’ll be nothing more than a cheap whoree with a belly full of cum. She’s going to be disgusted with herself, with you and with all the degrading things her clients will want to do to her. She’s going to be sold cheap to keep her lazy mouth busy – I want a constant stream of horny cocks waiting for your whore wife to suck. I want the word to spread that your pretty wife’s throat is for rent and that her prices are low. She’ll have no idea how many cocks she’s got to suck before she’s free to go back to her normal life – she’ll have to keep working as my pimped-out cock-hole until I decide your debt has been repaid. She’d better not complain, or whine and I’d better not catch her crying – she’s owned by me now and when you’re owned you do as you’re told!

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