Alix Lynx - I'll Fuck Her Dump Her And Then Take All Of Your Cash

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You see I'm a woman and even I have a superior cock to yours lol! But it's true. And your wife needs real cock and you and your teeny little dick will never satisfy her. In fact, I'm surprised you've even made it this long. So I am going to fuck your wife with this strapon far better than you ever have. Lol! I'm going to fuck her in all kinds of positions and I'm going to show her what it means to have an orgasm because you have never done that before. She will become so used to my superior cock that she's gonna leave you for my strapon. She's going to be so in love with my cock, the same one that you want so badly, that she all she'll ever want is my cock from now on.

And after she leaves you, you'll be left gooning to my clips with your tiny little dick. Yea, that's what you'll do. And that's exactly what I want. I want to take your wife and leave you alone and pathetic and desperately jerking to my clips lol. To the girl who stole your wife with her strapon. And the truth is, I don't really want her either, I'm just using her to make sure that you're all alone and desperately spending all of your money on me. This is all just part of my plan. And I know when you have a little dick like yours, there's not a thing you can do about it.

You never stood a chance against me. I'm a porn star and I know how to fuck your wife far better than you, it's almost too easy. And you can't stop jerking to hot porn stars, can you? You see, you're both fucked. I will easily manipulate both of you. I'm going to fuck your wife so good with my big strapon until she can't think straight, she won't even know what hit her. No. She'll just be so happy and giddy that she was finally fucked by a cock, by a real cock. Which is funny because this isn't even a real cock but compared to your little thing it is lol. I mean look at my cock and then look at yours lol.

I honestly can't wait to seduce and fuck your wife. She'll be so fucking grateful. And so in love, until I dump her. Then I will have you all alone to milk and drain into bankruptcy. And then I'll have you begging for the same cock that ruined your wife lol. It'll just be you, all alone in your room, gooning away at your little shrimp dick to my clips because your wife left you.

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