CruelGF - Diva Ivy - Giving You A Filthy Habit

I'm going to get you hooked on smoking because not only is it a fucking disgusting habit - it's actually damaging your health too! If I can shorten your miserable life by even one day everyone will be happy! I'm going to force you to chain smoke packet after packet of the cheapest cigarettes money can buy. You don't get to stop smoking those filthy cancer-sticks until the ashtray is overflowing and then guess what - I'll make you eat all that foul ash and cigarette butts - licking the tray clean. Euwgh! It's so disgusting just thinking about it but it's the best way to fast-track you to addiction. You're such a weak little idiot that once you've become hooked on smoking, you'll never be able to kick it. I'm going to make you smoke so many cigarettes during your addiction programming you'll probably have shortened your life by 5 years or something. That's 5 years that the world doesn't have to accommodate another loser. You'll keep on smoking until your health gets so bad there'll be no coming back from it. When you hear that smoking has caused some agonising terminal illness you'll remember that it was me that gave you the addiction.

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