Stella Von Savage - Beta Bootcamp Butt Plug Humiliation Training Tasks

Listen up, beta bitch boys. You're in for some serious training from Sergeant Savage today. I'm going to have you doing tons of humiliating activities to whip you into beta-shape... and for my own personal amusement. I make my beta bitches do everything with a butt plug in, so be sure to have that ready. Now, stand at attention and salute me! March in a circle, and get those knees higher! You better squeeze those ass cheeks, because if you let that butt plug fall out, you're gonna get it! Address me as "Sergeant Savage". Louder! Now bend over and touch your toes, show off that butt plug badge of yours. Bahaha, what a pathetic excuse for a beta soldier. Now suck that butt plug clean.

MP4 * 1.28 GB * 00:14:32 * 1920x1080

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