CruelGF - Kayla Louise - Cuckold Nanny

My REAL man has decided it would be a good time to make me, your perfect girlfriend, pregnant. It's so exciting right? I know you probably always saw the two of us getting married and starting our own family at some point but it's really not fair to allow your beta-male genetics to contaminate future generations. My stud doesn't want me fucking you anymore anyway so it's better that you just sit this whole thing out. My real man is going to fuck me every night with his big alpha cock and fill me full of his thick alpha cum until I'm pregnant - with HIS baby! I know it's going to tear your poor cuckold heart in two watching my bump grow knowing you had no part to play but when the baby is finally born you're going to have a big part to play cuckold! You're going to be the nanny! From then on you're going to stay at home and look after HIS baby while we carry on exactly as we did before. You'll follow us around with the pram, watching your rival grab my ass as we walk ahead of you. We'll head out on dates, go to the clubs and bars, take vacations together and fuck every night - all while you're feeding, changing and look after HIS baby. You're just the fucking nanny around here now cuckold.

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