CruelGF - Kayla Louise - A Message To Your Wife

Your husband is such a loser - a beta wimp addicted to humili-porn and it's time you learned exactly what he is and what to do with him. The first thing to know is that whatever he tells you - unless you lock his cock away he'll NEVER stop jerking off to humili-porn. He'll already have a stash of humiliation captioned images, femdom videos, photos of out-of-his-league women and a subscription to to satisfy his urges so the first thing you need to do is cage him. You don't deserve his pathetic fetishes and as a beta-male he doesn't deserve free access to his cock - lock it away. Wear the key around your neck or ankle and let him know he won't be seeing it again anytime soon. A period of chastity will TRANSFORM his attitude. Whatever you want from him - you'll get. Try it and see! So his cock is locked away - that doesn't mean you don't get sex! Beta losers with humili-porn addictions make perfect CUCKOLDS. This means you get to fuck other guys babe and not only that - you get to rub it in your loser's face! Make him help you get dates, pick your outfits, buy your lingerie, fix the bedroom and stock up on condoms. This needs to be a punishment for his beta status as well as a power rush for you. Make it humiliating - dress him as a sissy maid - he's not the man of the house anymore so make sure he and your new lovers see it. Know that no matter how cruel you are to him he'll accept it all - his cock is locked away and you hold all the cards and you can blackmail him into doing whatever you like!

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