Goddess Jessi Belle - Stuck in a Window

I have a really embarrassing story that I will tell you as long as you promise not to tell another soul. I am really forgetful, I am always forgetting something but the worse thing I forget are my keys! I am always locking myself out of the house. I got really lucky because there is a small window on the side of my house that leads to my basement. I can just squeeze through it and get back in the house!

It was always a little bit of a tight squeeze but I have always been able to get through with a little effort. Now this is really humiliating, but I put on a little weight and it all went straight to my butt! This wasn't really a problem until I locked myself out again and had to get in through the basement.

I managed to get my top half through the window, but when I got to my butt I couldn't manage to get through! I tried pulling myself through, sucking it in, I even tried crawling back out. My butt was stuck keeping me from going forward and now my boobs were in the way keeping me from coming back out!

After trying a LOT, I finally called my best friend to come help. When she got there she couldn't stop laughing at me! She couldn't believe that my butt got so big that I couldn't fit. She even made a Winnie the Pooh reference. When she finally stopped laughing she tried helping me. After a while she finally got me out, but she hasn't let me live this down! She likes making fun of the time my big butt got me stuck in a window. It's so humiliating!

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