Bad Dolly - a Real Life Penectrix - Penectomy Queen

Here I tell you all about my profession, exactly what I do to men and why I do it. I am a professional Penectrix, for those of you who haven't heard of that before it means I cut off men's penises to teach them a lesson. Sometimes I do it for personal gain, sometimes I am hired by other women. I like to think that every time I cut off a penis I am getting revenge for all the poor women out there mistreated by men.

I tell you in great detail about my hatred for men, how the #metoo movement inspired me to start getting my own back on men. I take inspiration from Lorena Bobbitt who sliced off her cheating hubbys cock!

I tell you in great detail what weapons I use, what methods I use to lure the men my way so I can punish them, I tell you stories from the ladies who have hired me as well as showing you my online adverts where I am selling my special set of skills. So gentleman if you want to be scared watch this video, and ladies if you have a no good man in your life who needs to be taught a lesson, get in touch!

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