Mistress Tess - Suffer for My entertainment POV

There’s nothing I love more than making a man suffer. Seeing the agony in his eyes, hearing the howls of pain ring out. And you’re here today to be on the receiving end of My sadism. With your balls clamped in My cock pillory and your tongue in a clamp, you sit there, nervously awaiting your fate. With Me dressed in latex, with leather boots and gloves, I’ve no doubt you’ll do whatever it takes to please Me. Now sit tight as I use you as My ashtray, burning your nipples and testicles as I blow smoke in your face and ash and extinguish onto your clamped tongue. And did I mention My love of electrics? Oh, how I love hearing you cry out and seeing you writhe in pain from being tormented with electrics. I’m gonna hook these pads onto your balls, sit back and revel in your agony. Sheer sadistic bliss. What’s that you say? Safe word? HAHAHA, don’t make Me laugh, boy!

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