Madam Samantha - Sissy Mind-Scrub Be A Gurl

WARNING: This clip contains manipulative and coercive techniques and visual/audio effects to encourage the compulsion to become feminine, submissive and bi-sexual.

You want to be pretty don't you sissy? You want to look just like all the pretty girls who get all the boys. You want to dress like us - in pinks and pastels. You want to wear short skirts and high heels. You want to feel silky stockings pulled high up your smooth, shaved legs and held in place with suspenders. You want your waist squeezed in tight by a constricting, shape-controlling corset. You want your girlish bottom covered is frilly, ruffled panties. You need to be a girl don't you sissy - you need to feel feminine and vulnerable. You want your whole appearance controlled by a dominant Mistress or an Alpha male.

Sissies need to be controlled - you need to be told what to wear and how to look. You need to be forced to grow long hair and told how it is to be coloured and styled to make you look as pretty as possible. You need to be made to wear long, impractical fingernails - painted to match your bimbo makeup. Your eyelashes will be extra long - your lipstick will be thick and glossy. Sissies like you need to look your best for real men at all times. You will practice looking submissive, practice your curtsey, practice your girlie nod, practice kneeling, practice begging - sissies need to make sure they look super-extra submissive at all times.

Sissies like you will be forced into the most feminine lingerie. Ribbons and bows, dainty panties and lacy bras. Sissies will be made to wear the tallest heels. Strappy platform shoes, patent boots, padlocked on to make you extra vulnerable. Your skirts will be short and flimsy, your dresses will be frilly and humiliating. You will be paraded in emasculating uniforms for girls to laugh at and for men to take advantage of. You will be collared and leashed, you will be pierced and made to wear pretty jewellery and locked in chastity. You are going to make the prettiest girl sissy - that's what you always wanted right?

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