Mia Middleton - Sissy Wedding Planner

I love planning weddings and yours is gonna be the best yet! I can't wait! It's going to be the most humiliating day of your entire life. Besides the fact you're going to be the submissive sissy bride in the most beautiful wedding dress in front of a room full of giggling guests you're also going to be given away to a man! Oh yes you are sissy! I'm forcing you to get married to a man and the best thing is - it's actually legal now too! I'm planning everything - from the sexy wedding lingerie you're going to be wearing, the pretty dress, the shoes, your hair and makeup - I'm even writing your vows for you. The best thing about planning your big day for you is I get to make every single aspect as humiliating as possible for you. Your lingerie will be white satin with pretty pink bows and little jingling bells. Your panties will hide your big jewelled butt plug that'll give you the perfect wiggle down the aisle. The bulge of your little silver chastity device will be hidden away under layers of petticoats and the shortest sissy-bride's dress I can find. Your white lace stocking tops will be seen by everyone as you tremble through the ceremony on your white patent stripper-heels. You'll be led to your husband to be on a collar and lead and made to kneel next to him as your emasculating vows are explained to you and then you'll be married - to a man! You'll be taken to your honeymoon suite and shackled to the bed while your new husband and his best men give you a taste of what married life is going to mean for you sissy. I'll be at the wedding reception giggling with the girls about how we ruined your whole life!

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