GoddessMayHere - Shared Foot Boy

"Dress is normal day attractive with sporty/ankle socks, wearing short boots or sneakers. In the present you command me to rub your feet and sniff the stink out of your socks because they/you're tired/ they smell from work/gym/ shopping (you choose) . Add in eating your toejam and scum from under your toe nails and soles for my food for the day drink foot/sock sweat . Then later I can cook you ( your favorite meal) for YOUR meal. The main topic of the video within those actions is, tell me about my duties for this weekend when you have your girlfriends over for the weekend to show me off, because they are excited and curious. Be descriptive, and be so happy and excited to show your friends what you own. Specific points I would like said is: Sniff the fart guess the girl and/or sniff the fart guess what they ate. Sniff/taste the feet/socks guess the girl. Talk about foot cleaning/bite deadskin off/cooking/ shopping spree/ foot stool/massages, whatever your feeling to paint the picture of this future sleepover all you girls are so excited for. Leading Into the end, "Make gym sock tea tell me to savor it, then tell me to go cook (your favorite dinner) for you. Say your going to let (name a friend) use me for the week after. she's sporty and angry about(fill in) she could use a foot bitch to pamper her smelly feet and for her to smack around to get her frustrations out. Through this, you can tease/talk down to/laugh, but, be happy with me in general and like having me serve you."

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