AstroDomina - a Sissy Slave's Reward

If you're a good sissy slave for your Goddess, you might just get a reward in the 'end'!

You're sitting there waiting for Sydney and she finally show's up. That's a good slave, waiting for your Goddess. She's getting ready to have some fun tonight, and she wants your sissy ass to sit there and watch her, worshipping her from only feet away as she does her makeup and puts on her sheer stockings and nylon gloves.

Is she going out? Well, that's none of your concern - but she does have plans for you. And don't worry, she's been pleased with your performance lately, so you'll be getting a treat. But first watch as she demonstrates for you up close, how to put on every silky pieces of lingerie. You have to learn how to dress like a real woman if you're going to be a good sissy!

Watch as she seductively teases you with her body and outfit, before finally grabbing her paddle and revealing her giant black strap-on cock. She might go out and have fun tonight, but she might also just give your ass the pounding it deserves!

MP4 * 719 MB * 00:10:28 * 1920x1080

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