Mia Middleton - Trapped in the Ladies Restroom

Look at you down there - my human toilet locked in place under the seat in our restroom. And how did this loser end up in a predicament like this? Maybe the unobtainably beautiful girl looking down at you right now slipped a little something into your drink at the party and before you knew what was happening chained you in place right where you are. How and why aren't really important - what is important is that you fully understand the diabolical existence you will have from now on loser. You are no longer a person you - you are a toilet, and this means you're going to spend the rest of your life where you are now - under my toilet seat - waiting for your next degrading call to duty! Most of your life will be spent in isolation with just the background noise of us girls having fun and enjoying our luxurious lifestyle and waiting for the lid to be lifted and one of our perfect asses to sit down - right over your ugly face. You'll wait for your disgusting meal to cover you before the lid is closed and you're left alone to consume what you've been given. Hear me and my girlfriends laughing about what we've done to you loser. Hear us talking about the vile state we've left you in. Sometimes I'll torment you just for fun. Standing over you in my hottest date-night lingerie and spitting in your face. Emptying my boyfriend's used condoms all over you - maybe I'll even let them use you too. Your life is going to be one degrading and humiliating experience after another - looking up at beautiful girls you'll be nothing more to than a human toilet.

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